At Arthur Bugler Primary School, we believe that learning to read, write and communicate effectively underpins all learning. Teachers plan English lessons for Literacy-specific learning every day in school, in line with the expectations of the National Curriculum.

Approach to Teaching Reading and Phonic Skills

For information on how we teach Phonics please read our How we teach phonics document.


A major focus at Arthur Bugler Primary School is on grammatically accurate and fluent writing. Teachers model the writing and planning process through shared writing sessions where ideas are collected and developed. Children work in individually, or in pairs, to write narrative and non-narrative texts.

Grammar and punctuation are contextually taught within Literacy. Objectives taught within Literacy are used to develop writing across the curriculum. Word processing, combining text and graphics, is developed using computer programs such as Word and Publisher where possible.

There are often exciting Literacy events throughout the year, where everyone can enjoy reading and writing together.  They are exciting events for all children and staff.   

All our children have daily Literacy lessons. This includes reading, writing, spelling and grammar teaching. There are daily opportunities to practice and enjoy reading at Arthur Bugler including in our structured reading lessons. Reading occurs at other times of the day too, for example in whole class sessions where exciting stories are shared with the children. We strongly promote reading and writing across the curriculum so that children have a sense of purpose and can apply their learning. 


We actively encourage our parents to be partners in their child's learning and our approach to home reading is central to this. Pupil's personal reading diaries are maintained and monitored by staff regularly. These are kept in each child's book bag.  Home reading books are refreshed as appropriate and linked to a child's developmental stage of reading.  Every time an adult reads with a child, they are asked to sign the reading diaries and comment on the reading.

Children are encouraged to read daily and are offered Golden tickets as an incentive for this. Children receive a Golden Ticket each time they collect 10 signatures to say that they have read to someone. On a Friday, the Golden Tickets are put into a class box. At the end of a term, a Golden Ticket is chosen at random and the owner of the ticket receives a box voucher of their own to spend. The child with the most reads in each class will receive a book as a prize. 


We teach all our children to become effective communicators, working with them on their speaking skills in a range of contexts so that they can express themselves with clarity and confidence. Our staff value the importance of speech and language development. Children are supported to articulate clearly, with close attention to accurate grammar and pronunciation in speech, at all times of the school day.


We take great pride in presentation and see handwriting as a vital component of Literacy. All staff promotes good practice in handwriting. Our aim is for all pupils to have developed an automatic, joined style by the time they enter Key Stage 2.


At Arthur Bugler, grammar teaching is a core element of our Literacy curriculum. There is a range of compelling evidence to support the teaching of modern grammar for writing, summarised in a report by The Exeter Grammar for Writing Project, December 2010. The characteristics of spoken language are very different from written language. Writing needs to be more concise and explicit, whereas spoken language often relies on context, facial expression, intonation and pause and gesture to convey meaning and create effect. As part of grammar study, it is important that children learn the conventions of Standard English so that they can adopt an appropriate level of formality in their writing appropriate to audience and purpose.

If you have any questions about Literacy at Arthur Bugler Primary School, please do speak to your class teacher.

Please see our website calendar for dates of our parent and family workshops and termly events that are designed to enable support at home.

KS1 Literacy Parent Workshop

KS2 Literacy Parent Workshop