No one forgets a great teacher, and our school’s success is based on professional yet friendly relationship between pupils and our teachers. All staff have the interests of every child at heart, both in and out of the classroom.

Teaching staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mr J. A. Bryant Headteacher Safeguarding (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Assessment and Leadership & Management
Mrs A Lewis Assistant Headteacher Deputy DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Behaviour & Attitudes and Personal Development
Miss K Lowther Assistant Headteacher Deputy DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Teaching & Learning Lead (Y1&Y2), Quality of Education, Curriculum Lead, Teaching & Learning
Mrs E Armstrong SENCO Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator

Mrs K Seamark
Teaching & Learning Lead (EYFS) EYFS and Reading Lead
Miss J Rushen Class Teacher EYFS/Y1 and RE
Mrs V Cooper Class Teacher EYFS and Music Lead
Mrs C McAllister Class Teacher Y1 and Spelling and Phonics Lead
Miss E Pugh Class Teacher Y1 and Geography Lead
Mrs A Seshie Class Teacher Y2 and Science Lead
Miss S Morley Class Teacher Y2 and History Lead
Mrs J Scott Class Teacher Y3 Teacher and D&T & Art Lead
Miss H McGoldrick Class Teacher Y3 and PSHE Lead
Mrs C Smith Class Teacher SMSC / Workload & Wellbeing Lead / Mental Health First Aider (Maternity Leave) 
Mrs J Livingstone Teaching & Learning Lead (Y3&Y4) Y4 and Writing Lead
Mrs L Matthews Class Teacher Y4 and SMSC / Workload & Wellbeing Lead
Mrs J Fenner Class Teacher  Y4 and PE Lead
Miss L Chipperfield Class Teacher Y5 and D&T & Art Lead
Miss A Stoten Class Teacher Y5 and MFL Lead
Mr P Simmonds Class Teacher Y6 and Maths Lead
Mr L Heard Teaching & Learning Lead (Y5&Y6) Y6 and Computing Lead


Other teaching staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mrs S Stubley HLTA PPA cover
Mrs W Hall HLTA PPA cover
Mrs C Thatcher HLTA PPA cover
Mrs P Rowland Learning mentor  


Teaching support staff

Name Designation
Mrs C Gray LSA
Mrs M Betts LSA
Mrs K Devonald LSA
Mrs S Reynolds LSA
Mrs D Wright LSA
Mrs D O'Neill LSA
Mrs S Jones LSA
Mrs G Cooper LSA 
Mrs S Tye LSA 
Mrs A Ellis LSA
Mr S Braithwaite LSA
Mrs S Lander LSA
Mrs T Nightingale LSA
Mrs S Mycroft LSA
Mrs J Gee LSA
Mrs L Humphreys LSA
Mrs D Blake LSA
Mrs N Grant LSA
Mrs G Dodd LSA
Mrs R Lucey LSA
Mrs K Calder LSA


Administrative staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mrs H Sloane Office staff Admin
Mrs T Lee Office staff HR, Safeguarding and Health & Safety
Mrs Z Byrne Office staff Finance and Premises


Midday staff

Name Designation  
Mrs K Calder MDA supervisor  
Mrs A Ellis MDA  
Mrs A Price MDA  
Mrs S Reed MDA  
Mrs T Nugent MDA  
Mrs K Mellowship MDA  
Mrs S Lyon MDA  
Mrs J Cayzer MDA  
Mrs T Johnson MDA  
Mrs G Cooper MDA  
Mrs D Blake MDA  
Mrs A Williamson MDA  
Mrs C Lempriere MDA  
Mrs T Bradford MDA  
Mrs N Grant MDA  
Mrs E Davies MDA  
Mrs V MacGregor MDA  
Mrs C Rawlinson MDA  
Mrs E Fuller MDA  
Mrs S Tye MDA  


Premises/Cleaning staff

Name Designation  
John O'Brien Caretaker  
Mrs S Lyon Cleaner  
Ms R Emiline Cleaner  
Mrs S Faulkes Cleaner  
Mrs D Durkan Cleaner  
Mrs T Bangawa Cleaner  



Name Designation  
Mrs N Wilson Head Cook  
Mrs H Baker Cook  
Mrs L Luke Cook  
Mrs M Whitehead Cook  


Breakfast Club staff

Name Designation  
Mrs A Price Breakfast Club  
Mrs S Reed Breakfast Club  
Mrs S Lyon Breakfast Club  
Mrs D Durkan Breakfast Club   
Mrs L Luke Breakfast Club