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Special awards and achievements

At Arthur Bugler Infant School we always recognise the children's successes; both inside and outside of school.

Every Friday in our achievement assembly, awards are presented and celebrated.

Each child belongs to a colour house and they are able to earn dojos for their teams.  Key Stage 1 also have stickre books that they are able to fill up for completing good work or just showing the schools Core Values, and when their sticker book has been completed, they are awarded with a Certificate and a Headteachers Award Sticker. Along with the stickers, children are able to earn Team Points for their colour, and at the end of the week team points are added up and the winning team is announced in Achievement Assembly.  Dojo points are also used in the class, and at the end of the term, if they have achieved their target, they have a reward.

At the end of each term, we celebrate all those children that have achieved 100% attendance.

Please look below to find details of our superstars!

Golden Achievers March  2017

Apologies for the lateness of photo being updated on the site.  Due to swimming, pictures will appear later, but will be on for longer.  Things will be back to normal once swimming finishes.  




 Well done everybody.