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PGL September 2016

PGL Update 4 - Sunday 25th September 2016 9pm

Good evening

This update comes to you from the comfort of my own home!!!

Mr McAlear arrived last night just after Ambush and was now the only member of staff with any energy and that had a good night's sleep in the past 2 days.

The children were very tired and once they had showered, brushed their teeth and then eaten lots of sweets they were ready for bed. I am pleased to report that all of the children were asleep by 10pm. This, I'm sure, is a new world record for getting children to sleep on a school residential.

Mr McAlear then provided the staff with some entertainment with some of his infamous stories, someone had to replace Mr. Thomas' stories!

After an early night the children were up at 5am with the boys ready to play football at 5.10am! Mrs Green managed to keep the children in their rooms until 6.30pm and then they were up and ready to face the day. The girls made good use of time to stay in bed and their bedrooms. Myself and Mr. Simmonds did the same claiming that we didn't hear the children! 

Breakfast was popular once again and the children enjoyed the cereal, fruit, sausages, beans, toast and porridge. Lots of empty plates once again!

The children then set off for the morning activities of archery, quad biking and powerfan. The children had to earn their cutlery during archery. Most children did well but George P had to east his lunch with 2 spoons due to missing the target!

After the activities the children enjoyed a lunch of baguettes with a range of fillings, sausage rolls and the usual salad bar and fruit!

The afternoon activity was the mud run for all of th groups and I can report that every child was full of mud!!! Your washing machines will be put to the test on Monday! Sorry... The mud got everywhere, there was even a moment when emergency assistance was required as Mrs Gardner-Holt got mud in her eye! Please note the children were fine. Drama queen comes to mind! Mr. Simmonds felt left out so also asked for some medical assistance as he broke a finger nail! Then to top it off Mr Heard was not in a good mood following the West Ham result! The less said the better... What a bunch of staff we have!

After a major clear up and showers for all of the children it was time for the children to head to the shop to buy gifts and attempt To spend every single last penny they have. All I can say is that there are some nice gifts and some interesting ones. Some presents may not make it home as they may be used in tonight's midnight feast! The children then collected wood for tonight's camp fire.

A roast dinner was on the menu for dinner along with meatballs and pasta. Popular once again!

The children have enjoyed the campfire, singing a range of songs and eating melted marshmallows. A very entertaining evening and a great way to spend the last night before coming home tomorrow.

Everyone is currently in their rooms getting ready for bed...

The whole weekend has been fantastic and as parents you should be extremely proud of the children. I have seen them, smile, laugh and cry. There have been times that have challenged the children but no one has given up at any point. The teamwork has been brilliant and th children have made memories that will last a life time. I am sure the children will talk about this trip for years to come.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff who have given up their own weekend to ensure the children have been safe all weekend and that they have enjoyed themselves. Without them this would not have happened! 

I will provide a brief update tomorrow and then keep you posted as to what time the children will arrive back at school tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your evening

Mr. Bryant 





PGL Update 3 - Saturday 24th September 2016 9.45pm

Mrs Gardner-Holt took great delight in informing me that I had made a spelling mistake in this morning's update and I guarantee that I won't make the same mistake again!
It has been another great day and the weather has been kind!
After breakfast the children headed off for their morning activities which included, zip wire, problem solving and rifle shooting. Some of the children found climbing up to the zip wire a challenge but it was pleasing to see that everyone tried their very best and persevered. 
After the morning activities there was some time for the children to tidy their rooms ready for the famous room inspection. This gave time for the girls to neatly sort everything into the appropriate lace while the boys shoved everything they owned under the beds! I wonder if this is what they do at home?!?!
Before lunch we headed to the field to take part in a game of Football rounders organised by Mr Heard. This was a very competitive game, so competitive in fact that I managed to rip my shirt as I quickly turned around to chase after the ball. As one of the children said, 'You lot are worse than us kids!', so true!
After an energetic hour on the field everyone was hungry and it was time for lunch. Once again there was plenty of choice. There were wraps, pitta bread and baguettes with a choice of fillings such as ham and cheese. Nachos, chilli con carne, soup, lots from the salad bar and a selection of fruit were on offer. I am slightly worried that the children are going to expect this every day when they are home!
This afternoon saw the children take part in the climbing wall, the trapeze and Jacob's ladder (and this is not an activity for children called Jacob!). All of these activities required the children to work together in order to support each other climb at some great heights with a number of challenges. I have been so impressed with the support and encouragement the children have given each other which shows what a lovely group of children they all are. Congratulations to the adults who also completed these challenges in a less elegant way than the children did!
During the afternoon activities I decided to carry out the room inspection and I must say I was very impressed with how tidy the rooms were. There were only a few things on the floor which was a totally shock! Obviously good parenting!
Before we knew it, it was dinner and on the menu this evening was chicken nuggets, wedges, lamb stew, a vegetarian option which I have forgotten, lots of salad, carrots, peas and a doughnut! Yet again, everyone ate well and lots of compliments from the children about just. The children then had the chance to visit the shop and stock up on sweets for the night!
Tonight's entertainment was Ambush which was basically a group game of hide and seek in the dark. There were some very creative hiding places but the children found it difficult to be quiet and not put their torch on!
The children are now settling down to bed as we have some very tired children...and staff. 
Next update in the morning 
Mr. Bryant 




PGL Update 2 - Saturday 24th September 9.25am

Good morning

Last night's Robot Wars activity was a real hit and the children and adults enjoyed. ~The first part of the activity involved the children kicking their shoes off to see who could kick them off the furthest! Once everyone was shoeless there was a race to see who could find their shoes and then put them on the quickest. I would call this game chaos!!! This was followed by each group building a shoe tower to see who could create the tallest tower of shoes. Crazy I know but lots of fun. There was also an interesting smell that filled the air as a result of lots of shoes!

Then came the Robot Wars... I have a great picture which I will share later on the Facebook page but it mainly involved some children dressing up as robots (using cardboard boxes) and then being led to cups of water to throw over the other robots. Yes chaos again but loads of fun!

After that it was time to head back to the bedrooms. Mrs Green provided the children with some advice about showering, brushing their teeth and getting a good night sleep. Whether or not the children would follow this free advice is another story... So the children headed back to their rooms and I was pleased to see lots of toothbrushes make it out of the bag and the showers were on. I can't guarentee that they were used but at least they were on. After some time to settle to bed and have a chat it was time for lights out. Mr Simmonds and myself did walk into one room that had started their midnight feast at 9.45pm but they begged us not to tell Mrs Green. After several minutes of negotiations we agreed and came out with handfuls of sweets!!! (Ollie P has the best range of sweets even though he did try to give us all the sweets he didn't want). The midnight feast soon ended when Mrs Green walked in straight after us and Mr Simmonds denied all knowledge of knowing anything about sweets whilst enjoying a box of 'nerds'!

Mr Heard was the first to bed as he is suffering from a serious case of man flu. I totally understand where he is coming from but the female members of staff are showing no sympathy whatsoever! I am pleased to report he is feeling much better this morning!

All lights were out and the children were asleep by 10.30pm and all of the staff were pleased with the children's behaviour and we were hoping for a nice lay in because the next day was Saturday...

At 5.45am YES 5.45am the children were awake and ready to start the day. Mrs Sloane, Mrs Green and Mrs Gardner-Holt however were not!

Some of the children were up playing cards and 'Jenga' in their room and some just wanted to get up and play football. The first knock on my door was at 6.30am asking if I had the football. I had no idea where the football was but informed them to ask Mr. Heard in room 10 as I knew he was asleep!

Breakfast wasn't until 8am so the children had lots of time and once I managed to get myself up it was lovely to see the children playing on the area outside the rooms. There was a football match and a cricket match in full flow at 6.30am! Not my normal Saturday morning but it was lovely to see.

Then it was time for breakfast and Mrs Gardner-Holt is on the coffee so I am avoiding her today because she has informed that she isn't the same person when she hasn't had enough sleep!!! The children had the choice of bacon, beans, vegetarian sausages, grilled tomatoes, toast, porridge, cereal and fruit for breakfast and once again everyone ate really well.

The children are now at their morning activities and somehow still have lots of energy. I will update you later with how they have got on.

As I said yesterday, the children are doing you all proud and I know they are going to have another great day!

Moment of the day - Mr. Simmonds telling a group of children that he forgot to pack his 'long weight' and sending them to Mrs Green to see if she had one...

Words of the day

1. Stentorian - The adult from another group bellows with a stentorian voice!

2. Deprivation - The staff are suffering from severe sleep deprivation

Enjoy your day!


Mr Bryant




 PGL Update 1 - Friday 23rd September 8.12pm


Greetings from PGL


Good evening

Apologies for the lateness of the update but the wifi signal continues to be very slow despite my complaint the last time we were here.

The coach left on time at 10am this morning and some parents came to wave the children off while the children didn't as they are far too old and cool for that now.

The journey to Marchants Hill was disrupted due to some traffic but on the whole the journey went well and everyone was happy. Well everyone apart from Mr Heard as he had to put up with Mrs Gardner-Holts singing!

Upon arrival the children had the chance to eat their lunch in the glorious sunshine. Lunch was followed by a number of  games on the field and it was lovely to see the children enjoy running around and being children. At this point the staff used the time to top up their tans and I am sure one member of staff fell asleep! It wasn't me!

After running around for over an hour it was time for afternoon activities. These included, the giant swing, the zip wire, quad biking and problem solving. When I asked the children what did the giant swing involve, I got some funny looks followed by 'well it is a swing for big people' - well at least the staff will be ok!

Some members of staff were disappointed to hear that they were too old to go on the quad bikes. The challenge is to persuade the staff that we are all younger that we all are! Some have a better chance than others...

After a fun filled afternoon of activities the children were then assigned their rooms and I am pleased to report that everyone was happy. I say everyone, but I was most disgruntled to hear I was sharing with Mr Simmonds as he is infamous for his snoring! Luckily I have my earplugs! I was even more annoyed when I walked into the room to see one single bed! Fortunately we were in the wrong room.

Once the girls had neatly unpacked and the boys had thrown every item of clothing on the floor and jumped off the top bunk a couple of times it was time for dinner!

Dinner was clearly a highlight of the day and on the menu tonight was fish and chips, vegetable lasagne and garlic bread, chicken paella, a range of salad, soup, jam sponge and a range of fruit. The children ate well and enjoyed lots of tomato ketchup! In the words of Lewis Cox 'This is a dinner and half!'. I think that just about sums it up!

After dinner the children headed back to their rooms to get ready for tonight's activity of Robort Wars. Lucy, our group leader, has taken the children out into the woods and I am looking forward to heading off to find out what it involves. 

The children have been fantastic all day and they are enjoying every minute. Behaviour is excellent and they should be proud of the start they have made. The children are smiling, laughing and making memories that will last a lifetime.

I am now heading off to join the children at their evening activity and I will update you all in the morning.

Word of the day - Heard - I have heard 2 things from the children today that I am sure parents would prefer not to be shared...

Enjoy your evening...

Mr. Bryant