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Pupil Premium and PE & Sports Funding

How we use our Pupil Premium 

We have identified all children on role that are entitled to pupil premium funding.  We believe that each child should not only achieve academically but progress in their social, emotional and physical development too.

We monitor the progress of every single child in the school and aim to support them in the most effective ways that we are able.  Pupil attainment is monitored half-termly throughout the school year.

The following are ways in which the money has been allocated to support pupils:

  • Teacher-led group interventions for reading, writing and numeracy – both during and outside school hours.
  • Additional classroom support for guided reading, writing and numeracy groups.
  • Peer mediation programmes, Behaviour and Social Learning Programmes; Support from the School Nurse Wellbeing service
  • Additional LSA support to provide small group sessions.
  • Access to off-site sporting opportunities through coach hire and use of official school sportswear.
  • Funding for after school and out of school clubs, activities and school trips
  • Weekly consultant support with a focus on Pupil Premium progress
  • Additional SEN leadership time focused on Pupil Premium progress
  • ICT club to provide equal access to IT resources.
  • Learning Mentor and a Behaviour Support Learning Assistant to support our disadvantaged pupils in all aspects of their learning. This would involve groups that will build effective relationships, strategies for anger management and promoting self-esteem.  
  • Breakfast Club to encourage improved school attendance and provide a more positive start to the school day, Pupil Premium children are encouraged to attend free of charge (funded by the school).
  • Provide placements at the Thurrock Excellence Trust's Turn-A-Round centres for identified pupils requiring expert help in developing better learning behaviours & social and emotional skills.

We have also invested in additional IT equipment for use in every classroom and expect that this will have a positive impact by increasing engagement in all subject areas, especially for our disadvantaged pupils.

We are also actively promoting what Pupil Premium means to parents and what additional benefits their children would be entitled to, apart from a Free School Meal daily.  Regular letters are sent out as a reminder throughout the year.

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For the Autumn and Spring terms of the academic year 2014-2015 we were two separate schools – Infant and Junior.

The Infant’s allocation for the academic year was £8600 (£5017 received in November 2014 plus £3583 in May 2015) and the Junior’s was £9170 (£5349 received in November 2014 plus £3821 in May 2015).



£192 – sport equipment

£437 - football coaching for pupils and after school clubs

£3000 - Coaches working with teachers to deliver lessons


£715 – subs to sports partnerships & sport associations (SSCO, TPSFA, ERFU)

£2138 – Coaching & club sessions for football, gymnastics

£1380 – Coaches working with teachers to deliver lessons

£2570 – Transport for pupils to participate in events

Primary School – Summer term 2015

£457 – sports equipment

£2938 – coaching & club sessions for football, tennis, gymnastics & multi-sports

£2340 - Coaches working with teachers to deliver lessons

£1495 – Transport for pupils to participate in events


The primary school’s allocation for the academic year 2015-2016 is £9790.

Expenditure so far is as follows:

£460 – subs to sports partnership

£924 - Coaches working with teachers to deliver lessons


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