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School Rules and Code of Conduct

Please find our School Rules and the Code of Conduct below. If you wish to print them out please click on the links on the right to download the PDF versions.

School Rules

  • We take care of our school and keep it tidy
  • We walk nicely around our school
  • We are kind and helpful to other children and all adults
  • We use a quiet voice in our school
  • We always try our best in everything that we do!
  • We always try to be a good friend to all of the children in our school
  • We put our rubbish in the bin, not on the floor
  • We are sensible at playtimes and lunchtimes
  • We use good manners
  • We listen to all the adults in the school and each other

Children's Code of Conduct – November 2010

In consultation with children at Arthur Bugler Infant School and then The School Council agreed on the following…

Pupils have the responsibility to:

  1. Behave in a way that does not hurt or upset others.
  2. Come to school on time.
  3. Always dress smartly in your uniform.
  4. Go to bed early so that you are awake to learn at school.
  5. Have a good breakfast so that you are in the best frame of mind to learn.
  6. Speak politely to everyone – do not try to hurt people’s feelings with your words.
  7. Treat people how you expect to be treated.
  8. Listen without interrupting and let others have a turn to speak.
  9. Look after everything and everyone in our school.
  10. Move gently and quietly around the school because other children will be learning.
  11. Try to notice if others need help and do all you can help them.
  12. If you have a problem or someone is making you unhappy get help from an adult. Do not try to hurt them back.
  13. Carry out homework at home.
  14. Help yourself – be independent.
  15. Do the best you can do.