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Mr. Arthur Bugler

Arthur Thomas Bugler
20th February 1890 – 29th June 1972

Mr. Arthur Bugler was a teacher for 51 years in the borough of Thurrock. He was also connected with the church and was a keen cricketer and footballer.

He came to live in Tilbury in 1896 and by 1904 was appointed a probationer teacher at Lansdowne Road School. In 1910 Mr. Bugler qualified as a certificated teacher at a salary of £1.40 per week. He taught there until the beginning of the First World War.

During the Great War he served in Mesopotamia (now largely corresponding to modern Iraq, as well as some parts of northeastern Syria, some parts of southeastern Turkey, and some parts of the Khūzestān Province of south-western Iran.) When he returned he taught until 1927 when he was appointed Headmaster of Stanford-le-Hope Boy’s school situated in Corringham Road.

In 1952 Arthur opened Hassenbrook School and served as head for three years before retiring in 1955.

Mr. Bugler sadly died in 1972, 2 years before the school which was to be named after him was opened. Mr. Bugler had a son who was named after him, and also a daughter; Eileen, who both helped carry his legacy during the school’s official opening in 1974.